Why Your Logo Needs Variations

Breaking down four key logo variations every brand should have in their logo suite.

Say it with me now: your brand is more than your logo(!!) And yes— there is a good reason why every designer repeats that phrase constantly. Building a solid brand identity is about versatility, flexibility, and scalability.

When it comes to logo design it’s important that your logo is adaptable and can be used appropriately in any application (think business cards, profile pics, website headers, t-shirts, baseball caps…you get the point). Trying to crunch your primary logo into a space it doesn’t fit, like your IG profile picture (think teeny tiny text that’s impossible to read), can hurt your brand recognition and authority. That’s why you need a suite of logos, or logo variations that can be used to fit all of your brands needs.

Four Main Logo Variations

Here are the four main logo variations that every brand should have in their logo suite. Every brand and brand identity is unique and will have different needs. But as a general rule of thumb here are the four primary logo variations every brand should have.

Primary Logo

A primary logo is the main identifier of a brand or business. The primary logo is usually the most recognizable version of the company’s logo. It also, usually, takes up the most space, so make sure you’re giving it room to shine.

End Uses

Website Headers (if it doesn’t take up too much vertical space), Promotional Materials, Business Cards

Stack Logo

A stacked logo is a type of logo variation in which a brand’s logotype and iconography are placed side by side, to reduce vertical space. Stacked logos offer increased flexibility while keeping most of the elements of the primary logo intact.

End Uses

Email Signatures, Smaller Applications, Mobile Website Headers


A wordmark takes the main logotype, and strips away the rest of the elements. These are a great fit for tight space and keep the most important part of your brand clear, your name.

End Uses

Website Headers, Labels, Packaging


A brand mark can be an illustrative element, brand monogram, or a combination of the two. They should be used in places where your brand identity is already clearly established or where there is supporting branding to give your audience the full picture

End Uses

Social Media Profile Pictures, Brand Stamps, Small Brand Applications

A logo is not just a symbol to represent your brand – it’s an essential part of your marketing and branding strategy. Your logo needs to be recognizable, consistent, and versatile in order to be effective. That’s why you need different variations of your logo for different purposes. Different types of logos serve different functions, so it’s important to have a variety of them at your disposal. When used correctly, each type of logo can help support and enhance your marketing efforts. If you’re ready to nurture the seed of your creativity with strategy and care apply to work with us today.