Finding Your Brand Words

Defining your brand words is a great way to find clarity in your business by giving you a simple set of guidelines to help you navigate the branding process.

Defining your brand words is an incredible way to find clarity in your business by giving you a simple set of guidelines to help you navigate every aspect of the branding experience.


Brand words are the descriptors you want people to be using when they talk about your business. You can think about them as your core set of values that you want to communicate outwards. You can use these words to act as a guiding light for every aspect of your brand, from Instagram captions to product launches. 


Make a list of words you want people to use after they talk to you about your business. What do you want them to say to their friends? How do you want people to feel after engaging with your site, your products, your brand?

Once you’ve given that list some thought pull out the words that most strongly resonate with you and your goals as a brand.

I’m talking 3-5 words, five MAX. If you have too many words, pulling your brand in too many directions, this strategy won’t be as effective.


Once you’ve selected your brand words, you’ll want to define what each of those words mean to you, and how to best communicate that message to your ideal client. Take into consideration some of the things you SHOULD do to communicate your message as well as some things you should STAY AWAY from.

For example. 

Let’s say you’re a skincare company and one of your brand words is TRUSTWORTHY. 

To communicate that value to your ideal audience, you’d want to:

  • Be transparent about the ingredients you put in your products
  • Provide educational resources for skincare regimens based on scientific findings from reputable sources

You may want to consider staying away from:

  • Making opinion based statements about the benefits of your products and trying to pass them off as “facts”

Go through this process for each of your brand words, identify, connect them to your business, and think about how you create content with that word in mind.

We’ve made a super easy to use free fillable PDF workbook to get you started with this process. If you’re struggling to come up with your brand words, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The workbook includes 75 brand words to get you started!