Free Fonts To Use In Your Next Branding Project

our top four fonts of the moment

We’ve spent hundreds of hours scouring the web for beautiful typefaces, and font pairings. It’s one of the best parts of the job, but it also take a lot of time to sift through them all.

So we’re taking out the middle man and bringing you some of the best free fonts to try out in your next branding project. These are all available for both personal and commercial use, so type away baby.


Aguafina Script | Google Fonts

This stunning script font is the perfect mix of casual elegance (think the perfect white tee and jeans combo) It’s beautifully condensed with long ascenders + descenders making it the perfect accent font to pair with a clean geometric sans serif.


Gangster Grotesk | Fresh Fonts

This modern typeface feels perfectly retro. With its sharp contrast and angled strokes, this typeface is packed with character while still feeling minimal. It comes in three weights to explore and play around with.


NEWSREADER | Production Type

Variable fonts are the sh*t. They allow you to customize the weight of the font to match your exact needs. Give this beautiful variable serif font a try. It comes in both a standard and italic version. I love the super lightweight versions, the sharp edges and perfectly weighted contrast could make this the perfect header.