Website Essentials: To Keep Your Site Legal

A guide to keeping your sh*t legal

Do you have everything you need to keep your sh*t legal on your site? The “legal stuff” is undeniably the least sexy part of your website, but it’s some of the most important content you can have. Here’s a quick checklist for some of the most important items to make sure you include on your website. 

Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy lets website visitors know what data you’re collecting on them and how you’re using that data. Think things like Google Analytics and email opt ins. Every website collects some level of data from it’s users, and you’re legally required to disclose what you’re doing with it.

Terms & conditions

While there’s technically no legal requirement to have this page, almost every website has one and for good reason!  Terms & Conditions spell out the rules of your website and help avoid potential messy legal disputes by giving you the opportunity to set your own rules for how your services are meant to be used. 


Return Policy

So this one isn’t technically legally required, at least in the US. BUTTT if you’re selling products (digital or IRL) it’s best to include this somewhere on your site. Especially if you’re selling digital products that are non-refundable, this gives you a place to clearly refer customers to if there’s a dispute over returns.

Copyright statement

This is the easiest way to protect the content on your website. The easiest place to put this is in the footer of your site. By putting a copyright statement on your page you’re saying…this stuff is ALL MINE and you can’t use it without my permission.

Here’s a quick formula for putting yours together

Copyright © [[CURRENT YEAR]] [[BUSINESS NAME]] All Rights Reserved.

Like so…

Copyright © 2022 Aspen Theory LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Okay, Cool, But How Do I get This Stuff?

If the thought of drafting your own legal prose sends you into overload…I’ve got you covered…well not me personally…you definitely don’t want me writing your legal pages… Our friends over at Plug and Law have an amazing offer for you. Use the code ASPENTHEORY20 to get 20% off your purchase.


✺ Privacy Policy Template

✺ Terms & Conditions Template

✺ Disclaimer Template

✺ Bonus: Affiliate Marketing Legal Guide

✺ Bonus: Trademark Legal Guide

Their templates couldn’t be easier to use…it takes less than 5 minutes to put your information in and upload it to your website! They’re put together by attorney Erika Kullbern, you probably recognize her from Tiktok, so you can rest assured your *ss is covered.